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The Fresh Market Survey

The Fresh Market Survey: Ray along with Beverly Berry founded the Fresh Market in 1982 in North Carolina.

Their idea was to design an upscale grocery store that was infused with the atmosphere of the outdoors freshly-picked European markets, something that they believed was missing from their present North Carolina hometown.

Fresh Market is a Fresh Market chain that has expanded significantly from the US Northeast humble beginnings, opening stores in the West US as far as Sacramento the first one in 2012.

Unfortunately, the stores in the West did not perform as well as they’d hoped, which resulted in the closure of all three Sacramento stores in 2014.

Fresh Market Fresh Market was a public company that traded shares on the market at prices that could reach $22/share.

It was, however, acquired from Apollo Global Management. Apollo Global Management company, which appears to be a frequent buyer of buying grocery stores and food businesses, in 2016 made it a privately owned company once again.

The Fresh Market Survey

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fresh market customer service

fresh market survey

As the business grows and expands, it is asking for your opinions, offering you the chance to take part in sweepstakes, where you might be awarded the $500 Fresh Market gift card.

To enter the sweepstakes, you’ll need to take a survey at Continue reading for more information about how you can enter.

TheFreshMarketSurvey Prizes

Award: $500 gift card

One 500 Fresh Market gift card is awarded for each entry period, which amounts to 12 gift cards worth $500 in all during the sweepstakes time.

Take TheFreshMarketSurvey

There is no requirement to purchase anything to be eligible for the sweepstakes. You can use the receipt from your purchase (if you made purchases) or use this online way to enter. OR you can also enter using the mail-in option described below.

Enter Online – Purchase Required

      1. Shop for something from The Fresh Market
      2. Save your receipt for later use so that you can use it to complete the survey.
      3. Go online to
      4. Respond to all questions in the survey

Congratulations! At the end of the day, you will automatically be registered into the TheFreshMarketSurvey Sweepstakes

Enter By Mail – No Purchase Required

      1. To be able to enter via mail make sure you write your name, address, and telephone number on a card and send it by first-class post and postage
      2. Post your postcard to the address below:
        The Fresh Market Customer Experience Survey Sweepstakes,
        PO Box 16470, Rochester, NY 14616. Homepage

The bright, bright green and orange backdrop of TheFreshMarketSurvey homepage is a perfect representation of the feeling and appearance that is characteristic of The Fresh Market brand and provides an outline of what you can anticipate from the survey Rules

      • There is no need to purchase anything to gain entry.
      • Open to US state residents as well as District of Columbia residents
      • You must be at least 18 years old to be able to enter.
      • Only 1 prize per household or family
      • The gift card prize isn’t convertible into cash
      • The gift card prize cannot be returned if it is stolen or lost
      • Anyone who is an employee of Fresh Market employee, or associated with one, can not access the store.

If you’d like an official copy of these rules, please you are welcome to send an envelope addressed to yourself, with a stamp, on or before May 10, 2019, to the address below:
The Fresh Market Customer Experience
Survey Sweepstakes Rules Request, PO Box 16350, Rochester, NY 14616

If you’d like to see the winners list you are welcome to send an envelope addressed to yourself to request the list of winners to the address listed below at 5/30/19
Market Customer Experience Survey Sweepstakes Winner List, PO Box 16350, Rochester, NY 14616 

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The Fresh Market Survey  FAQ

If you were in charge, what would you do to make The Fresh Market 

I would eliminate everyone. Then the upper and mid – levels of management could select to re-hire the best people and staff the store with skilled employees.

How did you get your first interview at The Fresh Market?

I applied through Indeed and received a phone call from the store days after. I received a recommendation from a manager in another location, which could have made things go faster than I would have expected.

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish 

I had applied this week. I had my interview today (Wednesday). I completed my background check as well as onboarding upon returning after the meeting (it was sent to me electronically). I start work on Monday.

What advice would you give the CEO of The Fresh Market 

Eliminate managers who are bullies with their tiny click of their favorite employees and treat everyone else like trash. I’m sure at my local grocery store where half the employees are willing to leave!

How did you feel about telling people you worked at The Fresh Market?

Proud! However, not so during COVID-19. The public is shocked by the corporate’s in their disregard for the safety of their employees in this scourge. Customers inquire ” Why don’t you wear masks or gloves? Why do you continue to accept cash? My response ” I’d rather not discuss this with you”

What is the interview process like at The Fresh Market?

Super casual. Show your personality and an enthusiasm for serving the community or helping out in different ways within the store, besides a direct role

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