Smoothie King Feedback Survey Win $1

Smoothie King Feedback Survey Win $1

Smoothie King Feedback Survey: Smoothie King(r) continues to please their regular customers. Now, the company Sponsored a Smoothie King feedback survey. In order to collect your honest feedback as well as your experiences so, Smoothie King can improve their service and provide customers with the finest.

Chance to win a Discount Code simply by filling out your time to complete the Smoothie King feedback Survey, and then sharing your experiences of your last experience at Smoothie King.

Smoothie King Feedback Survey

If you’re a regular client from Smoothie King or have just had your most-loved Smoothie or are a diet-conscious person who bought your Smoothie King’s healthy Smoothie from them and has the receipt for the purchase, then you can take a Smoothie King Customer satisfaction survey.

Smoothie King Feedback Survey Details

Reward$1 Off
Purchase Required?Yes
Limit/15 Days1
Receipt Valid For30 Days
Can combine offers?No

Smoothie King Survey Reward –

To find the latest details on prizes available look up your receipt. In general, a $1 discount is given for your next purchase of a smoothie. The valid code has to be used within 30 days of receipt of purchase. The prizes are not exchangeable or transferable and cannot be exchanged with cash.

Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey

How To Enter Smoothie King Feedback Survey

  • The first thing to do is you’re required to purchase a product at your local Smoothie King
  • Get your smoothie of choice and keep your receipt from the Smoothie King purchase. Smoothie King Purchase receipt
  • Simply go to Smoothie King’s official Smoothie King feedback survey website.
  • Please provide your email so that Smoothie King can contact you with regard to your experience.
  • Then fill in your details and enter the Store number that is on top of the receipt.
  • Answer the questions as you go along and complete the Smoothie King feedback questions.
  • Be sure to answer and rate your experience in a fair manner.
  • After you have answered all the questions of the Smoothie King Feedback questionnaire,, you’ll be issued a validation number.
  • Keep the Smoothie King verification code. Then place it on the receipt
  • Bring your receipt and validation code during your next trip to Smoothie King to receive 1 percent off of your purchase.

Note: Don’t forget! You must redeem your coupon for $1 off within 30 days from the date of your last purchase, as stated on the receipt. You are only able to complete this Smoothie King Satisfaction Survey once every 15 days.

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Smoothie King Feedback Survey

Rules and Eligibility Criteria – Smoothie King Feedback

  1. The Smoothie King guest feedback survey is accessible to residents who are legal of the United States of America only.
  2. The age requirement is at least 18 years old in order to be eligible for participation.
  3. You can’t use Smoothie King Survey without a valid receipt for the purchase.
  4. The validity time for purchase receipts is 30 days, so you must redeem your offer prior to the expiration date.
  5. The maximum per household of one individual for 15 days.
  6. It is necessary to write a Smoothie King’s validation code on the receipt.

Take a look at the receipt for more information on regulations and the latest promotions. Survey Homepage

Smoothie King Events

Smoothie King(r) launched the initial Juice Bar around 1989 within America. The United States of America.

The journey across the globe with Smoothie King started in 2003 and they opened 130 stores across Korea.

Officially, the logo for Smoothie King was redesigned and featured the red crown in 2014.

Smoothie King was a huge success and expanded to more than 1000 places in the United States, the Republic of Korea, and the Cayman Islands.

Smoothie King Feedback Survey

About Smoothie King

The fast-growing and super-fast-growing network that is Smoothie King was established around 1973, by Steve Kuhnau and within no time, it was able to expand its reach to over 1000 locations across the US. One of the top Smoothie makers keeps making its mark on the hearts of customers with its amazing milkshakes as well as other milk-based drinks made from dairy.

But, Steve was a soda junkie at a local establishment and was always puzzled that his stomach couldn’t take the sodas available at the time. The Smoothies concept came to Steve’s head and he tried it out and came up with a digestible drink to drink on his own.

Smoothie King has grown rapidly in a short time and was given the top Smoothie franchise position by Entrepreneur magazine over 20 times since the franchise first came into existence in 1989. It has continued to grow until now.

The company is very grateful for the honest feedback of its customers, so they continue to launch Smoothie King Feedback Survey to get feedback on their customer’s experiences and get honest opinions from their customers.

A variety of more than 25 Smoothie flavors are available in Smoothie King. They claim that to date that they are making the finest Smoothies as well as nutritious Smoothies for those who are on diets too.

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Smoothie King Healthy Rewards

Smoothie King has introduced a FREE Rewards Program known as Health Rewardswhich has been specifically made to be an integral element of your fitness and health journey. You can now get your Smoothie anywhere, anytime by ordering through Smoothie King’s mobile app

With the Smoothie King’s Healthy Rewards Program, you’ll receive a discount of 2 dollars off smoothie purchases simply by downloading the Smoothie King app For iOS for both iOS and Android for Android or iOS. You can avail of an additional $2 discount on birthdays, and the anniversary of your account.

When you join the Smoothie King Healthy Rewards member and you’ll be able to earn 1000 points of the purpose for every dollar you pay on Smoothie King’s restaurant. This will give you a reduction of 1 percent off the next time you visit a Smoothie.

When you earn 6,000 purpose points, you’ll be able to get your free smoothie in a flash that can be worth as much as $6. What’s that?

Contact Smoothie King – Smoothie King Feedback

Customer Service Phone: 888-472-1957

Smoothie King Mailing Address:

Smoothie King Franchises, Inc.
9797 Rombauer Road
Suite 150
Dallas, TX 75019

Official Link

Smoothie King Feedback Survey

Share your thoughts – Smoothie King Guest Feedback Survey

Share your experience of taking the Smoothie King’s Feedback Survey or if you’re still unclear about the Surveyor want to offer suggestions on anything that is related to Smoothie King’s Customer Feedback Survey Don’t forget to leave a comment in the comments section below. We’d love to hear the feedback.

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Smoothie King Feedback Survey   FAQs

What can I do to get a reimbursement to Smoothie King?

If you’d like to request cancellation of or a refund on your purchase or purchase, you must reach out to the retailer you placed your order with. If you’re unable to reach the store, you may also reach out to Smoothie King directly 

Are you able to get a refund from Smoothie King?

The item must be in good condition or washed, and must be undamaged, clean and in good condition with all labels and packing. We are entitled to refuse any refund in the event that the merchandise returned is not in line with the criteria previously mentioned and we will require you to pay for your item returned.

How many smoothies do Smoothie King sell in a day?

Simpson stated that his shop is able to use 700 pounds worth of bananas per week and offers the equivalent of 200-250 smoothies every each day, with Fridays being the only exception where a $5 deal on medium-sized drinks can double that amount. A 20-ounce smoothie is $5.29 A medium one is $6.99 while The King, which is a 40-ounce drink retails at $8.49.

How can I receive the free drink from Smoothie King?

On the application, sign up to Health Rewards. When you sign-up you’ll earn $2 rewards for doing this. Use the app to scan your card when you purchase a 20 ounce or larger size smoothie anytime on a Friday. A 20-ounce free smoothie reward (a amount of $6) will be uploaded automatically onto your credit card.

How long will Smoothie King Smoothies last?

It is generally true that smoothies last longer than juice. My guideline is that juice can last for approximately 12 hours with this method, whereas the smoothie can last for up to 24 hours when stored properly in the fridge.


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