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Rite Aid Survey to Win $1000

Rite Aid Survey: It is vital to remember that big corporations and chains of the market strive to make customer experiences more enjoyable and better with each purchase.

One of them is Rite Aid. They’ve been providing a quick survey to all customers who wish to win an enormous prize.

Below, you will find the information you’ll require about the survey you are interested in. It’s very easy and will take only some minutes in your day.

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What is Rite Aid?

Rite Aid is one of the biggest drugstore chains across the United States. They’ve been in the United States since 1962 and were founded in Pennsylvania.

 In 2018, they were listed with 94 points on the Fortune 500 list, so you can conclude that they are a serious massive company that is focused on providing superior customer service. 

The stores are located all over all of the United States and they literally have everything. You can find items and items that are not available in other pharmacies.

Rite Aid Survey

The purpose of this Rite Aid Survey

Rite Aid has revealed the survey to gain insights from customers. The primary goal is to find out why people love the store and if there are any issues regarding purchases or other services.

In exchange, Rite Aid offers monetary prizes that will be awarded to participants who are randomly selected.

The information that is gathered from the study is going to be used to make the service better, reduce waiting times, and more. Overall, the customers will experience a better shopping experience.

How To Take The Rite Aid Survey

The survey comprises several questions that you must answer. You are able to finish the survey in three ways of completion: online and by phone or mail.

 There are some facts that you must know and are discussed in the following. No matter which method you pick you’ll need less than 7 minutes to complete the test and you could be qualified to win one of the prizes listed below.


For the majority of people, online surveys are the most effective. They can be completed anytime during the evening or during the day, and make use of any device to access the site. 

The survey is provided to you via a questionnaire and you have to decide to answer the questions however you are comfortable. If you decide to take an online survey, bear an eye on the limitation is three every month.

 It is impossible to complete the survey longer than that, and even if you are able to complete it, your answers will not be considered.

  1. To start the survey visit storesurvey.riteaid.com .
  2. Enter the code evident upon the purchase receipt. It’s a must
  3. Let us know your thoughts on the purchase you made and general satisfaction.
  4. Input your information and you could be eligible for an award of $1000.

By Telephone

If you decide to make use of the phone or phone call then you are able to take the survey at once. The number that is used for the purpose is (800) 748-3243.

You will receive the survey from an automated system. You may have already heard that you are able to finish this survey any time in 15 minutes. The survey questions are exactly the same as in the two other instances.

By Mail

In order to take part in the Rite Aid Store survey, you’ll be required to fill out the form with your personal information, which includes the complete name, contact number email address, and the address of your postal mail.

After filling in the details on the postcard, send this to the Rite Aid Store address on Rite Aid “Voice of the Customer” Sweepstakes Postal Box 16440 Rochester, NY 14616

Rite Aid Survey Details

      • Grand Prize: $1,000 Check
      • First Prize: $100 Check
      • Entry Type: Online, Telephone or Mail-in
      • Limit for Online Entry: 3 X / month

There are additional things you be required to comprehend prior to taking the survey. It’s good to know that these are the most fundamental points, and you don’t require any specific expertise or any other information in order to complete the survey.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s a simple and simple method that can aid you in winning a significant prize. Do not forget you can win Rite Aid prizes. Rite Aid offers two prizes of varying amounts.


The key aspects of the survey have been described. All you need to do is input valuable details and then submit the survey. The information you enter is the date of purchase and the receipt code.

at the bottom of the invoice. Your personal details will not be divulged to any third party and are only utilized to get the prize in the event that you get it.

Purchase Required?

At the start of the course, a purchase was not required, however afterward, Rite Aid changed it so that you have to purchase something to be eligible to participate in the survey.

 It’s a good thing about the fact that the amount of the purchase isn’t a factor and everyone is equal when it comes to competition.


Feel at liberty to purchase at any of the stores belonging to the company in the United States. It’s not important the store you went to and the reason. 

In fact, there’s no need to visit one that is close to where you live. You can buy in another area of the state, and complete a survey and be eligible to win the prize.


Everyone who is 18 or over can take part in the survey. Be aware that employees of Rite Aid are not eligible to participate in the survey. Additionally, their families will not be able to take the survey, or more accurately, they will not be able to be a winner of the prize.

 This is a fact with regards to a lot of businesses within the United States and the rule is applied to ensure that all participants are equally likely to be awarded the prize. In the case of Rite Aid company, the primary objective is to improve the customer experience and improve it.

Entry Limit

As you’re aware, the maximum number of entries to complete the survey by mail doesn’t exist. There are a lot of entries and each is considered to be an individual one.

 If you would prefer to take taking an online survey, keep in mind that you can only take surveys on a maximum of three occasions per month.

 After the month is over, you can take three more surveys. If you complete more surveys, you boost your odds of winning an award.


The requirements of the form are essentially an acknowledgment. There are no additional conditions. Yes, you’ll need to fill in your personal information but it is only used to send you the prize if you are lucky enough to win it.

 Anyone from all over the United States, of all genders, can take the test, finish it and take home one of the enormous prizes.


Some companies only offer one kind of award, Rite Aid is different. They offer two types of prizes. The first is known as the”grand prize.

it comes directly to the winner informs the form of a check. The amount is $1000. Second Prize: $100, and it’s also presented by way of cash.

Contact Rite Aid?

In case you’ve got any questions regarding Rite Aid Store you can reach them by dialing 1. (800) 748-3243

Final words

Rite Aid Survey is one of the most effective and most profitable surveys that are available currently. It is possible to get $1000 or $100 based on the luck of the draw.

All you need to do is give the details regarding your customer experience. In return, the brand promises to improve its service as well as make the experience more pleasant in the future. If this doesn’t matter to you, the rewards won’t be.

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Rite Aid Survey  FAQs

Do surveys do prizes?

Answer questions online about your opinions on a range of topics by simply taking surveys. Swagbucks offers you rewards for completing surveys. You can earn gift cards or redeem your rewards for sweepstakes entries for bigger prizes. You can cash out using your Visa gift card or PayPal account.


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